Electrifying your transportation.

Our world is moving toward sustainability, and Canada is a global leader in targeting sustainable development goals. With goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and rely on environmentally responsible fuel sources, electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of green transportation.

EV adoption is a prerequisite to meeting greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and achieving a sustainable future. AES specializes in the design of EV charging systems, and has been involved in:

  • Design of numerous EV charging systems for both residential and commercial facilities

  • Development of EV charging requirements with municipalities

  • Research projects on EV charging systems

  • Pilot projects for EV charging systems

  • Initiation of electrical code changes to facilitate efficient EV charging system design

  • Development of EV charging guides, which have been widely disseminated

  • Participation in the “EV charging industry" with regular communications with like-minded companies and organizations

We are committed to supporting regions, municipalities, and provinces as an active participant in encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles. Because we have researched EV infrastructure, shaped electrical code, and written reports and guides for EV charging, our experience provides us with an in-depth understanding of both the challenges and next steps for EV charging infrastructure. AES is uniquely equipped to design solutions that will change the future of transportation.