We are an award-winning consulting firm providing electrical, lighting and technology design services for the built environment since 2001. Our focus is simple, we are




About Us.

Who We Are

We’re problem solvers.  A dedicated team of electrical engineers, lighting designers, artists and specialists focused on designing integrated power, lighting, and technology systems for buildings and infrastructure. Sustainability, innovation and being on the forefront of technology are integral to our design philosophy. 

By asking the right questions at the right time, identifying problems early, and providing sound advice, clients view us as their trusted advisor. It’s a role we take with great pride, and commitment.

We are also team players. We see the “bigger picture”, viewing the project not only from an electrical engineering perspective, but more holistically. 

What We Believe

There is nothing more important than the quality of our work. It’s what we stand for and the reason we have developed and retained experienced in-house talent to deliver on your design concept. We also believe in having fun. Enjoying the company of clients and colleagues, and creating a healthy, enjoyable work environment leads to better project results.

Is AES the right firm for your project?

We invite you to review our services, take a look at our project portfolio, and then contact us. We are interested in learning more about your project and demonstrating why AES has become one of the leading electrical engineering providers.

Our staff of 90+ skilled professionals are licensed and ready to deliver projects across Canada and Washington State with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria. 

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AES Executive Leadership Team (from left to right):

Iain Barnes, Vice President; Eke Roosioks, Vice President; Sunny Ghataurah, President; Roger Dupuis, Vice President


Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Explore our Vancouver office's energy monitoring dashboard showing our energy utilization and savings in real-time compared to the designed energy standard ASHRAE 90.1-2010.

We are currently beating ASHRAE 90.1-2010 by:





AES offers solutions for...

Electrical Engineering

Information + 

Communication Technology

Architectural Lighting Design

Carbon + Renewable Solutions

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We are always looking for talent.
Is AES the right fit?


We can help bring your ideas to life
 before you even break ground.


"How can lighting be applied to create a better experience, contribute to the well-being and productivity of occupants, and enhance architectural details?"

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