West Newton Cricket Fieldhouse


Surrey, BC


Shape Architecture

Ema Peter

Lighting Award:
Illuminating Engineering Society of British Columbia 2017 Vision Awards, Outdoor Lighting Design, Award of Merit


Case Study

Located in the center of a large cricket field in a residential neighborhood, the lighting design goal for this project was to invite and attract the local sports community by promoting a safe and well illuminated environment. The concept relied on lighting reflecting on the interior surfaces, illuminating the security screen and creating a “jewelry box” that defines the geometry of the structure. The security screen also allowed the lighting to stream through to the exterior, providing a shadow effect between the screen and the field. Luminaires blend in with the building’s cladding and provide security light and continuity with the perimeter exterior glow, while maintaining dark sky compliancy. Overall, the project was comprised of two light sources, compact fluorescent and LED in four fixture typologies that help simplify building maintenance.