UBC Campus Energy Centre


Dialog Designs


Illuminating Engineering Society of British Columbia 2017 Vision Awards, Interior Lighting Design, Award of Merit



AES_UBCCEC_0907 Panorama.jpg

Case Study

Efficiently heating a campus the size of UBC requires a sizeable industrial facility, which would not easily compliment the striking beauty of the campus. Thus, the challenge was to design a building to house the energy centre while seamlessly integrating with the surrounding landscape and architecture. Working closely with the architect, Dialog, AES teamed up to design a building that aroused student curiosity of the facility while complementing its surroundings. Two-storey windows showcase the massive steam tanks, allowing for the overhead luminaires to provide an illuminated display case for the heat source of the entire campus while providing functional lighting for the staff of the building. Indirect luminaires illuminating the large wood ceiling, help frame the view of the tanks from the exterior. Highlighting this structure balanced the interior feel of the space and removed shadows, ensuring the environment was not only aesthetic, but functional. High up in the space, over the steam tanks, is a maintenance catwalk. Luminaires are hidden at a low level to provide a minimal glare and safe passage to the ceiling access panel. The entrance lobby boasts of a large bright yellow staircase providing a focal point illuminated through a lit handrail. This design was complimented by locating a linear luminaire up high on the wall to illuminate the floor around the staircase as well as the reception desk. These integrated luminaires compliment the architecture and provide a non-typical industrial project, for the students to enjoy, while meeting all the industrial requirements.