Okanagan College Trades
Renewal and Expansion

Kelowna, BC

Pursuing LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge

6,300 m2

$33 million

Diamond Schmitt Architects
David Nairne + Associates

Ed White


Engineering Award:
Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia 2017 Awards for Engineering Excellence 2017, Award of Merit

Lighting Award:

Illuminating Engineering Society of British Columbia 2017 Vision Awards, Interior Lighting Design, Award of Merit


Case Study

The Okanagan College Trade Renewal and Expansion was an ambitious project that not only increased student capacity, but set the task of transforming this aging 1960s Trades Training Centre into an energy neutral, modern learning space. Meeting the architectural vision of an exquisite functional building with multiple components and objectives required massive collaboration from many team members and disciplines. Achievement of this objective is evident through completion of the project aligning with projected budget and schedule. The aesthetically pleasing lighting details are prevalent from not only a big picture view, but also seen in the small details. The lighting lends to the polished finish of the wood detailing, highlighting the natural beauty of the renewable building material. Mimicking the natural flow of light as if the building was without roof and walls was created by lighting controls that dim and brighten accordingly. Lighting sources were positioned to create a uniform transition between natural lighting and luminaires. Lighting was used to create an emphasis on special character defining aspects of the building, such as lighting under steel handrails and on the raw look of the staircase, creating a beautiful focal point of the atrium.