Designing for tomorrow, today.

Too often, today’s buildings are constructed using outdated methodology with yesterday’s technology. The control, maintenance, and optimization of all building systems have traditionally been siloed, with third-party vendors responsible for keeping system networks, such as video surveillance, lighting controls, metering, and HVAC, operational. These systems are frequently left without regular updates, exposing the building to security vulnerabilities. With a new approach and a coordinated team, we can simplify the maintenance and operation of these networks.

Business as usual is changing. Through a Master Systems Integration (MSI) consultant, the design of your building will now be forward-thinking with cutting-edge technology. AES has the expertise to design a converged building network for your “Smart Buildings,” that allows for redundancy, simplified management, and increased cyber security.

Our Smart Building designs provide:

  • CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE - A Smart Building Network (SBN) consists of physical IT infrastructure, hardware, wireless access points, and network management software. These form a platform to connect and manage disparate base-building systems, sensors, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in a unified way.

  • UNIFIED COMMAND AND CONTROL DASHBOARD - This single-pane-of-glass dashboard enables building operators to effectively manage and control systems from a centralized location to optimize energy savings, improve tenant experiences, and streamline maintenance.

  • MIDDLEWARE INTEGRATION - Middleware Integration is an Integrated Building Management Platform (IBMP) that provides an open, vendor-agnostic software platform for gathering, managing, and trending data from multiple base-building systems. These integrations provide universal access to all levels of property management. From C-level executives to the operation of a single fan coil for maintenance technicians, everyone can access a bird’s-eye view of your real estate profile.

  • TENANT INTEGRATION - Converged networks enhance tenant leasing agreements by permitting specific, owner-approved devices to be integrated into the smart building network. This streamlines tenant improvements, allowing for direct integration of these devices into the base-building systems.

Whether it is an office tower, educational facility, mixed-used facility or others, with AES as your MSI consultant, our smart building team will design your building to be sustainable, intuitive, and innovative for both owners and tenants. Together we can develop a Smart Building Master Plan to eliminate vendor silos, reduce duplication of infrastructure, simplify the management of base-building systems, and provide a secure foundation for evolving IoT applications throughout your building.

Smart buildings are the buildings of tomorrow, and AES is designing them today.