Connecting your people and data.

In a digital world, connectivity is mission critical, and IoT (Internet of Things) is transforming the way we live and work.  Our ICT Specialists can help you develop high performing, intelligent digital buildings that respond to user needs and preferences, increase efficiency, help reduce operating costs, and provide better data for decision making.  

ICT includes the complete wired and wireless environment (structured cabling and network infrastructure) such as physical security, audio visual systems, paging lighting controls, building maintenance systems, telephones, active network data systems, and industry-specific specialty systems.  The collection and integration of data from all of these systems was, until recently, siloed.  By integrating data from various systems, we can now achieve deeper insights and a level of automation that was previously unavailable.  


  • Retrofit existing facilities to Smart Space standards

  • Organizational changes – Smart Buildings deployment


  • Project Management

  • Procurement

  • Complete construction oversight

  • IT and System Programing

  • Commissioning of IT Infrastructure and building systems


  • Ongoing performance monitoring and recommissioning


  • Strategic goal setting – Smart Buildings

  • Client-specific Smart Building strategic plans

  • Smart Building operational strategies

  • Revenue generation planning

  • Business case including ROR

  • Implementation strategies

  • Existing facility assessment

  • Operational benchmarks for existing and new facilities

  • Change management – Smart Buildings


  • Base line client specific design and construction specification

  • Building specific design and construction specification

  • Detailed “building systems” integration strategies and operational matrix

  • Logical security recommendations