Guildford Recreation Centre Aquatic Addition

Surrey, BC

7,000 m2

$35 million

Bing Thom Architects

Ema Peter


Lighting Award:
Illuminating Engineering Society of North America 2015 Illumination Awards, Interior Lighting Design, Award of Excellence

2016 Darc Awards, Best Interior Lighting Scheme – Low Budget



Case Study

The Guildford Recreation Centre Aquatic Addition features the expansion of the existing facility in Surrey, BC. The Addition was designed as a destination aquatic facility for both recreation and therapeutic users, offering a 50m FINA certified lap pool, as well as a leisure pool that contains a therapeutic area, waterslide, family friendly hot tub, and children’s area. The initial project objectives of the City of Surrey were to increase the value of the facility to the city and the community, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency. Highly functional and sustainable practices are the foundation of the Guildford Recreation Centre Aquatic Addition. The design team collaborated to keep the project on budget while

still accommodating the initial design intent. Electrical engineering design was of key importance to this project. Meeting the client’s objectives of an aesthetically pleasing and versatile swimming pool, while staying within the energy code requirements, and budget, required creative solutions. AES proposed the use of indirect, high efficiency lighting, to create a soft diffused light which would provide the swimming pool with a pleasant glare free light, competition lighting levels, and remain within energy use requirements. Through continuous communication and discussions, the project team was able to maximize the light output from the lighting systems and utilize indirect lighting throughout the lobby level and change rooms. Light output was maximized through the use of lighting modelling software, high reflectivity paint, high efficiency luminaires, and optimal mounting angles. The prime consultant’s project schedule and AES’s internal deadlines allowed the project to reach substantial completion by December 17, 2014, as required by the City of Surrey.