AES Engineering Head Office


Vancouver, BC

6,500 SF

$1 million

Interior Designer:

Ema Peter

Lighting Award:
Illuminating Engineering Society of North America 2014 Illumination Awards, Interior Lighting Design, Award of Merit


Case Study

When AES outgrew its existing office, the Directors made the commitment to design the new office with a triple bottom line approach and in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 – 2010 - over two years in advance of the standard becoming mandatory. A building was selected in downtown Vancouver near mass transit such that the majority of staff can bus, SkyTrain, walk, or bike to work. The tenant improvement showcases the latest in sustainable lighting and controls. The office interior features dual-flush high-efficiency toilets, LED and premium efficiency linear fluorescent lighting, lighting occupancy sensors, energy star appliances, daylighting controls, and real-time energy consumption metering viewable on the AES website. The AES head office is a comfortable home away from home for staff, where their families are welcome. The primary design goal was to create an environment that embodies daylight and visibility – an open work environment to promote interaction and collaboration among employees. As a result, AES created a prototype office environment that showcases practical application of green innovation technologies such as wireless sensors, dimmers, switches, controllers, networking, etc. that would allow our clients to see and experience the latest technologies on the market.